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I Tried The Tata Harper Signature Facial At Etiket Spa In Toronto And Here’s How It Went 

July 3, 2024

Etiket Spa & Boutique, the prestigious Montreal-based luxury retailer, is known for its innovation, and dedication to natural beauty. Recently, the brand celebrated the debut of its flagship establishment in the city’s newly unveiled, The Well, which is nestled in the heart of Toronto’s west end.

With a strong focus on luxury beauty and holistic wellness, Etiket has emerged as Toronto’s premier destination for modern self-care and comprehensive wellness experiences. As a result, the brand is reshaping the beauty landscape through its dynamic and educational approach to beauty. 

The boutique itself is meticulously designed and spans a stunning, yet expansive, 6,500 square feet, featuring dedicated areas to shop curated skincare, fragrance, and beauty must-haves. As well, Toronto’s Etiket also has an in-house luxury spa, which delivers a range of signature treatments and spotlights an exclusive Tata Harper treatment room. Alongside offerings from HydraFacial, SkinCeuticals, and Pai Skincare, the spa also offers bespoke treatments tailored specifically for its exquisite Toronto location.

I recently had the opportunity to experience the Tata Harper Signature Facial at Etiket Spa, which is a one-of-a-kind and completely personalized treatment that uses Tata Harper Skincare products and places focus on the concern of your choice (hydrating, clarifying, or detoxifying).

Below are the steps taken and the products used during my Tata Harper Signature Facial at Etiket Spa to give my skin the ultimate lit-from-within glow. It’s important to note that my incredible facialist customized my treatment routine by tailoring some of the products used in the brand’s line to accommodate my sensitive skin. As a result, she incorporated a few products from the Tata Harper Superkind Skincare Collection into the mix, which are best formulated and suited for reactive, stressed, sensitive, or dry skin.   

Nourishing Oil Cleanser

She started off with the Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleaner to gently cleanse my skin of any previous build-up and makeup. This product features a multi-vitamin-rich formula that doesn’t strip the skin and instead leaves it feeling super soft, supple, and smooth.  

Superkind Softening Cleanser

This Tata Harper Superkind Softening Cleanser is a micro-foaming cleanser that feels incredibly soothing on the skin. My facialist applied the product to my face and neck, then gently removed it with warm water after massaging it into my damp skin.  

Superkind Refining Cleanser

Moving into the Tata Harper Superkind Refining Cleanser, this product is designed to exfoliate the skin. Formulated with ultra-fine rice powder, gentle cranberry enzymes, and a combination of nutrient-rich oils that help refine and nourish skin. As a result, it exfoliates away dead skin cells while smoothing texture, revealing a radiant complexion. It is also applied to damp skin, massaging only a quarter size amount onto the face and neck, then removed with warm water.

Hydrating Floral Essence

One of my favorite parts of the facial, the Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence is a moisture-boosting mist that preps the skin for the steps to follow to allow for maximum product absorption. Ideal for all skin types, the Hydrating Floral Essence is plumping and hydrating thanks to a blend of hyaluronic acid and natural humectants. Plus, it’s perfect for daily use and can be applied on top of makeup as an anti-aging treatment on the go.

Boosted Contouring Eye Balm

As someone who struggles with dark under eyes, the Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Eye Balm is specially formulated with 47 high-performance ingredients to target undereye bags and improve skin’s firmness and elasticity. It is also great for addressing dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. My facialist massaged a small amount around my entire eye area to depuff, lift, and firm the skin. 

Superkind Radiance Mask

This Tata Harper Superkind Radiance Mask features a creamy, gel-like formula infused with Self-Neutralizing AHAs. This blend ensures looks bright, radiant, and hydrated as it is designed to replenish moisture and gently exfoliate the skin. When my facialist applied a thick layer of this product to my face and neck, she massaged it into the skin in order to activate the formula, which eventually turned white. She then left it on for a period of time (it’s recommended to leave it on for 20 minutes) and rinsed it away with warm water to reveal a smooth, healthy complexion.

Superkind Bio-Barrier Serum

The Tata Harper Superkind Bio-Barrier Serum is an all-in-one product that helps smooth, brighten, and firm the skin as a result of a unique tri-algae complex, a volcanic postbiotic complex, and plant ceramides. During my facial treatment, 1-2 pumps of this product were applied and massaged onto my face and neck.

Superkind Fortifying Moisturizer

The Tata Harper Superkind Fortifying Moisturizer is formulated to comfort and hydrate the skin in which it is engineered with Extremophile Endurance Technology that helps to protect skin from environmental stressors. My facialist applied and massaged 1-2 pumps of this product onto my face and neck to help lock in moisture. 

Superkind Bio-Barrier Eye Crème

The Tata Harper Superkind Bio-Barrier Eye Crème is an ultra-luxe and concentrated eye crème that depuffs, smooths, and firms skin. Equipped with multitasking, and anti-aging technology, my facialist applied this product to my upper and lower eyelids. It felt divine!

Superkind Bio-Shield Face Oil

Finally, my facialist rounded out the treatment by applying the Tata Harper Sueprkind Bio-Shield Face Oil. This product is a silky oil formulated to strengthen and hydrate the skin using Adaptogen Technology from Holy Basil and Reishi Mushroom that is further elevated with fruit-based vitamins C & E, oat ceramides, and plant-derived omega fatty acids. As the final step in this facial routine, a few drops were applied all over my face and neck to restore the skin, unveiling an overall radiant complexion. 

All in all, this was one of the most relaxing, rejuvenating, and thorough facial experiences I have had to date. The overall routine implemented a revitalizing assortment of high-performance formulas, complete with tailored products and techniques that addressed my personal skincare concerns. I loved how my facialist included therapeutic facial massages into the treatment that left my skin feeling plump, hydrated, and radiant. This is an absolute must-try experience if you find yourself at Etiket Spa & Boutique and want to pamper yourself with the ultimate self-care treatment. —Samantha Vecchiarelli


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