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This Label Makes Clothes Specifically For Petites (Win!)

July 7, 2024

It’s been years in the making for Shortlisted founder Miranda Sam, doing real petite measurements research, learning technical fashion design from the ground up and having two babies through the process! Now, she’s proud to present her launch collection featuring the Unstoppable JumpSet, a jumpsuit-meets-matching-sets kinda deal. It’s thoughtfully designed to incorporate all your petite proportions, allow you go to to the washroom freely, accounts for different torso lengths and allows you styling versatility in one package. We chatted with Miranda to learn more. —Vita Daily

Can you share what inspired you to focus specifically on petite clothing and what the journey has been like from the initial idea to the launch of the Unstoppable JumpSet?

I used to be a Fashion Marketer, and we’d receive clothing allowances each season. It’s a great perk, but it also cost a lot tailor everything! You’d think from that experience I got the idea for Shortlisted, but inclusivity wasn’t a thing at that time, so it never crossed anyone’s mind to focus on specialty sizes. Only after the pandemic did I start to seriously pursue my fashion dream, and realized I could make clothes that fit me. Plus, I wanted to show women there shouldn’t be a stigma for being short. Then I interviewed 50 short women, and discovered petite clothing was a real need. Having solidified the concept, the journey to launch wasn’t a linear nor easy one. I got a couple of prototypes made that didn’t pan out, searched forever for a fabric that’s sustainable and came in beautiful colours, decided to take a couple of sewing classes that turned into a year-long commitment, spent so much time perfecting Plus Sizes fits. Not to mention, I got a lot of pushback from industry veterans who didn’t think petite clothing was a good idea. It was all worth it when I saw some customers order multiple JumpSets!

How did you manage the challenges of building Shortlisted and learning technical fashion design from the ground up while also raising two children?

Looking back, it still surprises me that I did that! I took a year-long technical fashion program, which included industrial sewing, pattern block creation, pattern drafting, grading, and creating tech packs. I knew if I wanted to learn the trade, I’d really have to push myself, and this was only possible with the support of my husband and in-laws. To give you an idea of how intense the design program was, during the pattern drafting portion, I’d regularly stay up until 5am bringing my designs to life, sleep for 2 hours, wake up to get my daughter ready for pre-school, then head to class by 9am only to do it all over again. By the time the program was winding down, I was in my third trimester of pregnancy, so whenever I dropped a pin, it took me forever to bend down and pick up. So yeah, it’s been a wild ride!

The Unstoppable JumpSet is designed to incorporate petite proportions and practical features. Can you walk us through the key design considerations that ensure the pieces make life easier for petite women?

Over time, I noticed the pieces that lasted at least 5 to 10 years in my closet shared similar traits: no drycleaning, didn’t require strapless bras, loose enough to move freely but not shapeless, looked unique enough but never trendy, and most importantly, they fit without compromise. It comes down to the 4 F’s core to the Shortlisted design process: Fit, Function, Fashion, and For Good (aka lasting durability). For example, the functional features built into the Unstoppable Cropped Tank includes a higher cut armhole and wider straps so you don’t need a strapless bra, plus the neckline isn’t too low and there are bra strap holders so you can easily wear it for work. As for the petite proportions, I based them on real-world measurements I took of 50+ real petite women. I was shocked that their inseams were on average an inch shorter than industry standards for petites! Of course, it’s not just a matter of making shorter pants, but also taking into account sleeve length, depth of neckline, torso length, and more. With a set of real-world data, I created a unique set of pattern blocks, so future designs will have these measurements baked into them.

How do you address the challenge of creating timeless fashion pieces that can last in a wardrobe for years, and what are your thoughts on the trend cycle in the fashion industry?

Fashion has similar lightning-fast trend cycles like home décor, food, beauty, music, etc sped up by social media. Too many trendy options appear every second, yet rarely is anything good enough to last a lifetime. On the other hand, if slow fashion designs appear too basic, people will only buy from a brand a few of times before they’re bored. Even though Shortlisted garments are made ethically in Vancouver using sustainable fabric (a GMO-free European linen), that’s only the beginning. The challenge is to create pieces that have just enough design detail that stands out, while simultaneously making it easier for women to get dressed. The gathers on the Unstoppable Cropped Tank are a design feature but they also create texture across the chest so the fabric doesn’t stick to your skin—aka you can go braless! I feel if clothes can help short women feel confident and make their lives easier, they become truly timeless pieces people will repeatedly reach for, and keep coming back to the brand.

What kind of feedback have you received from your customers about the Unstoppable JumpSet, and how does this feedback influence your future collections and designs?

I’m shipping out my fist production order as we speak! Although I’ve yet to hear customer feedback, everyone who’s tried on the JumpSet at markets, events, or fit sessions has said they finally feel seen as a short person. I’ve also heard from many people about how the Wide-Leg Pants are the perfect length, they love the clean pleats, the wide-leg doesn’t overpower their petite proportions, the FlexiFit waistband is super comfy, and that they pass the squat test with flying colours. I’m so excited to hear what customers have to say after they wash, wear, and maintain the pieces as I truly believe in an iterative design process to keep improving each season. I’d love to bring more petite pant designs to life—that’s the long and short of it!

Win! A Shortlisted JumpSet In Your Size + Colour Preference!

One lucky Canadian winner will receive a Shortlisted JumpSet in their Size + Colour Preference! To enter, head over to Instagram, follow @shortlistedco and @vitadailymedia and make sure to fulfil all the entry rules in the caption of the corresponding contest post. Contest opens July 8 24, 2024 and closes July 15, 2024. Complete contest rules and regulations herePlease note: if you are the winner, you will receive a DM (direct message) in Instagram directly from @vitadailymedia. Please be wary of fake accounts, which often use similar handles with an extra or missing letter, number or symbol. We will never ask for a payment or for your credit card number, and we will never ask you to click through a link. If you are unsure whether you have been contacted, via Instagram, by us or a fake account, email us before responding.


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