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Follow This Step-By-Step Guide To A Perfectly Grilled Lobster

July 9, 2024

Lobster is a delicious and decadent dish, but one that most shy away from making on their own grill. If you’re looking for something extra special this season, try grilling lobster! They are quick to cool and elevate any summer dinner. Celebrity chef Spencer Watts created the Lobster Summer menu for ATLAS steak + fish restaurant and has simplified the process for you into easy-to-follow steps. —Vita Daily

It’s all about timing. Grilling gives that great charbroiled flavour to anything that you cook up – especially lobster. The trick here is to make sure that everything else is prepared before you hit the grill with the lobster. Lobster cooks quickly, so if you serve it alongside sides and a juicy steak, make sure everything else is ready and simply finish the meal off with your grilled lobster and serve.

Indirect cooking is your friend. Indirect cooking is simply keeping one side of the grill on and the other side off. This allows you to sear and cook under direct flame and slow cook and keep things warm on the indirect side. It’s perfect for slowly heating up lobster and having a holding area if needed.

How to prep lobster for the grill? There are lots of options when it comes to grilling lobster. Below are some sure-fire ways to get that perfect lobster on the grill:


Parboiling is a method of pre-cooking the lobster before finishing it on the grill. By doing this, you can cook the lobster about halfway through and leave the final cooking to be finished on the grill. It’s quick and easy and takes some of the stress out of completely cooking the lobster on a grill.

Skewer your tails

Lobster likes to curl up when cooked. To avoid this, you can simply skewer the tails lengthwise before heading out to the grill. This does two things. First off, it makes it really easy to turn the lobster on the grill and secondly, it leaves the tail nice and straight, so it looks as beautiful as it tastes.

Fresh vs. frozen

The true lobster grilling artist is mother nature. By using the freshest ingredients, the end result will be amazing. Fresh lobster is easy to handle and prepare. The meat comes out of the shell easier and makes grilling lobster a blast. If you’re using frozen lobster, especially tails, make sure you choose the correct cooking technique. If I’m ever using frozen tails, I make sure they thaw completely. Cooking from frozen will give you chewy lobster. Grill them in shell and make sure you have lots of butter on hand. Happy lobster grilling!


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