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Finding The Flow: Interior Décor That Might Bring Bonanza Benefits

July 11, 2024

Have you ever walked into a place or home and you immediately felt energised? Or may you have experienced the opposite-you want into a dimly-lit, cluttered space and your inspiration fizzes out? The way a space is designed can influence our emotions. This article will explore how a well-designed interior can help you find the flow and bring a ‘bonanza’ of benefits to your home.

The Power of Place

Can you remember instances when you felt that you were “in the zone?” It could be that quiet corner in a library that allowed you to get immersed in a book. Or it could be that well-lit and carefully designed cafe where ideas were flowing effortlessly in your mind. If you have had such instances, then you have experienced the Power of Place.

Feng Shui and other ancient theories have emphasised the importance of arranging our spaces to promote positive energy flow. Modern theories are also reinforcing the same concept by exploring how organisation, colour and lighting influence our creativity, mood and focus.

Theory of The Flow And How To Capture It In Your Interior

The Flow is a very broad concept. In the context of interior design, the flow examines how one can craft a space that creates a sense of inspiration, focus and ease. The flow goes beyond the mere functionality of a space.

You can have a working space that is calming and with a lot of workload but you still feel energised to work. Flow-oriented design allows you to tap into your full creative potential. This is how you can create the flow:

  • Clear layouts: The ideal place shouldn’t be cluttered. You can have open layouts that are likely to facilitate movement and help you remain relaxed and focused.
  • Comfort: Comfort is key irrespective of whether you are playing a game of chance like Sweet Bonanza, chasing after a client in your workplace or home office, or catching your favourite TV show or sport. Ergonomic furniture will help you remain focused.
  • Personalization: Different people have different tastes and preferences. Figure out what you like and personalise the space to reflect on those things. You may have mentors and inspirational figures in your life. Having portraits of such people can help you remain focused.

Colours That Are Supposed to Bring Luck

Different colours have different meanings across different cultures. Some cultures believe that some colours bring good luck while they associate others with bad luck. These are some of the colours associated with positive energies in different cultures:

  • Blue: The colour of the sky is known for its calming effect. In most cultures, blue is seen as a protective colour that promotes peace.
  • Red: Red is considered a symbol of joy and luck in Chinese culture. You can use it in your decor to ‘protect’ yourself from evil spirits and attract good luck.
  • Yellow: It is a symbol of learning and knowledge in the Hindu culture. Yellow is believed to attract happiness and good energy.
  • Green: It is considered a sign of renewal in most cultures. Irish traditions link green to good fortune.

Statues and Paintings You Might Use

You can have statuettes and paintings if you are an art fan. The choice of pieces of art will depend on where you come from, your tastes and preferences. These are examples of some you can try:

  • Elephant figures: Such statuettes are considered signs of good luck and strength in Feng Shui.
  • Natural scenes: You can have a painting of the sea, the sky or green vegetation. All these are supposed to bring calmness and help you focus.
  • Cats: A statue of a cat, in Japanese culture, is believed to bring fortune and good luck.
  • Buddha statues: Buddha is associated with mindfulness and peace in the Hindu culture. You can have a few pieces to bring a sense of serenity and calmness to your home.

Is There Really Something That Can Lead to That Bonanza Feeling?

There might not be a definite formula for creating a space that brings bonanza or the feeling of abundance. However, incorporating thoughtful design elements can enhance your living experience. Think about the flow, colour choices and personalised decor. Just give it a try as you will at least have a really cool room that is unique and might lead to positive emotions overall.


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