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May 17, 2007

Feel like an organic iced tea? Feel like a case of organic ice tea?

Shop like a store owner at The Market Gourmet Foods, just opened at the foot of the Cambie Street Bridge. It’s like Costco but with car service!

Pull up to the drive-through and buy singles, case lots or entire palettes (where the discounts are deepest) of time-saving cake mixes (the fancy kind from King’s Cupboard), staples like Italian olive oil, sparkling water and pasta, and splurges like the insulated Gourmet Getaway bags from Built New York.

And we promise, unlike Costco, you won’t leave with a flat screen TV, a dozen sticks of deodorant and a StairMaster.

The Market Gourmet Foods, 450 W. Second Ave. (at Cambie),


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