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wine me, dine me

May 18, 2007

Is that yet another bottle of Yellow Tail you're opening?

Stop, already!

Take the mystery out of wine shopping at the new Firefly Fine Wines and Ales where bottles are categorized from "aromatic" to "black teeth" rather than by varietal.

But the pièce de resistance is a stainless steel wine sampling machine like they have in France. Just place your glass under a bottle, press a button, and voila, a little tastelike the amazing Venturi Schulze Pinot Noir from Vancouver Island we sampled ($52.60).

Other sure winners are the "aromatic" Pepperwood Grove Viognier ($18) and the "crisp" Blasted Church Chardonnay ($21.70).

But there are limits to experimentation, too: we suggest you skip the wine flavoured coffee on offer near the check out.

Some habits are simply sacred.

Firefly Fine Wines and Ales, 2857 Cambie St. (between 12th and 13th Ave.) 604-875-3325,


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