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July 11, 2007

dear vitamin v….

This is a quick message from the other side of Canada. We heard about
you from a colleague (the word on great websites gets around!), and we
just wanted to tell you that we love your site. It’s VERY well-written,
very fresh and fun—basically, just keep up the good work!

Mark, Abbyshot Clothiers
St. John’s, Newfoundland

Thank you so much for including our ‘Run
Diva Run’ Club
in your daily dose—the response was unbelievable!
Your readers were so enthusiastic we not only sold out one run club but
added another so everyone could participate.

Thank you again,
Craig Boyd and Pepe Picco
Precision Athletics Inc.

A friend of mine sent me your daily dose reviewing Ellis
. My name is Sarah and I am the proud owner of 5 "Sarah"
bags.  Yes, I am the person the bag is named after.  I LOVE THESE
BAGS.  One of the things I especially like is being able to wash them. 
I have put my bags through the "wringer" so to speak and they have
each stood up to the test.  The construction of the Ellis Designs
products is top notch.  

Sarah Ripley
Sherwood Park, AB

The daily dose you published on shoo-foo
has generated so much


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