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new york on a dime

July 12, 2007

Think a trip to New York is going to cost you an arm and a handbag?
We’ve got the inside scoop.


When it’s not playing host to Fashion
provides the perfect backdrop
for another kind of black-and-white classic. Grab a spot on the grass,
order sandwiches from ‘wichcraft (delivered straight to your blanket),
bring a bottle of wine (but don’t advertise it) and cuddle up with your
sweetie under the New York City lights. Our pick?
on August 13. Free movies run Mondays all summer long, at sunset.
Between 40th and 42nd Streets and Fifth and Sixth Avenues, 212-768-4242.


Pssst!!!! Can you keep a secret? PDT
(short for Please Don’t Tell) located at the back of Crifdogs, is a
speakeasy style lounge only accessible via a secret entrance in a
vintage phone booth. Pick up the receiver and smile for the camera
that’s checking you out from the other side. Once you’re buzzed in, grab
a chair (there’s a strict no standing policy) and chow down on deep
fried hot dogs and tater tots that, oddly enough, go quite well with
muddled fruit cocktails. Drinks are $11 but the dogs are street cheap,
starting at $2.25. 113 St. Marks Place, 212-614-0386,


Free on Friday? If you are, then the MoMA is too. Every Friday from 4 to
8 p.m., the Museum of Modern Art waves its standard $20 admission fee
thanks to Target Free Friday Nights. Don’t be daunted by the line, it’ll
all be worth it once you get inside and see the Richard Serra
retrospective, currently the hottest exhibition in the country. 11 West
53 Street, 212-708-9400.


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