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December 10, 2008

The talented Mr. Leonard Cohen has made an indelible mark on music and
literature. Whats one more canvas?

In a style reminiscent of Jean Cocteau (another artist who dabbled in
multiple mediums), Cohen has turned his morning sketches and drawings
made for album covers and poetry books into limited edition prints for
the consummate fan to own. Many
inscribed with lyrical and facetious phrases, the pieces show the artist
to be more irreverent and observational than austere about his painterly
pursuits. On exhibit at Linda
Lando Fine Art
, the collection has only had two previous public
viewingsone in Manchester, England, the other in Torontobefore arriving
in Vancouver just days ago.

For those not in the market for a pricey print ($2,600 to $7,800), you
can still have your Cohen and see him too. According to Adam, Leonards
son, his old man will be here early this Spring to perform his usual

Leonard Cohen Artworks on now at Linda Lando Fine Art, 2001 West 41st
Ave., 604-266-6010,

See pics from the exhibit’s opening night on todays Editors’



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