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kindred spirits

December 11, 2008

Everyone has one. The bosom friend who lives away, the one you only see
a few times a year but its as if nothing has ever changed.

Although youre religious with e-mails, you wish you could dish over
coffees together. For Christmas list, we recommend A
Year of Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart
a photographic
collaboration by two women, one in Portland, the other in Maine, who met
in the blogging world and embarked on a year-long project, each taking
one photograph every morning. The result is a collection of simple and
beautiful images like a bowl of fruit, a childs braid or a pair of
sandals that allowed the two of them to connect at the start of each day
while still being miles apart.

Find A Year of Mornings ($22.95) at Uppercase Gallery, 204, 100
Seventh Ave. SW, Calgary, 403-283-5318,



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