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I Wanna Be Sedaris-d

January 27, 2011

Bronté sisters, Coen brothers, Olsen Twinstheres a slew of talented
siblings out there. But our vote for funniest familial twosome goes to
David and Amy Sedaris.

Weve sung praises for the former, a humorist known for his
self-deprecating short stories, but havent yet confessed our adoration
of his sister, the kookier of the pair, so lets do that now. The
49-year-old comedienne isnt afraid to look strange, as evidenced in the
television show she co-created, Strangers with Candy. Shes also
published idiosyncratic instructional guides, and for her latest
entitled Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, shes just
launched a hilarious new YouTube channel.

Make Amy Sedaris
Makes Potato Ships
your laughternoon break and youll join her fan
club too.


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