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March 17, 2011

We fully admit to being obsessed with YA fiction, having recently spent
a full weekend ignoring our family, friends, and responsibilities to
read through the Hunger Games trilogy. And were almost embarrassed to
admit our almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the amazing adventures of
the Sweet Valley High twins.

Lucky for us we found a website where no one is judging our teenaged
taste in tomes. Forever
Young Adult
offers a celebration of crushes, gossip, and life
lessons, with some added twists. We loved participating in the running
voters choice read of Choose
Your Own Adventure: Dyspocalypse Now
(always vote D!), and the
regular reviews of reads for the teen set often influences our Amazon
account. But nothing makes adolescent angst better than alcohol, as we
discovered whilst playing the Anne
of Green Gables Drinking Game

After taking a sip of our martini each time Marilla rolled her eyes, we
accidentally re-enacted the scene where Diana enjoys a bit too much
Cherry Cordial. JN


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