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Spring Clean Inspiration

April 28, 2011

We love watching the show Hoarders because it makes us feel
quite tidy by comparison. But the truth is, we sometimes feel like were
one tchotchke away from becoming an episode.

Instead of throwing away all our extra doodads to make space for more,
were turning to Upstage
, a new Montreal business that provides services in interior
decor, home staging and organizing. After putting up some shelves,
cleaning out our closet, and creating a new footwear filing system, we
were good to go, but owner Keren Blankrot left us with these
earth-friendly tips for keeping our space systematized without
sacrificing style.

1. Prevent spring purges by choosing quality over quantity and investing
in pieces you love. This will ensure your belongings have the longevity
2. Turn an old, dysfunctional item into something new. Use an
old card box to store paper clips or reupholster a chair to give it a
new life.
3. Your junk is another persons treasure, so give anything
away that you arent using regularly (i.e. clothes, books, computers,
electronics). Check out
Create space by building upward with closet and shelves. Keep a step
ladder on hand so you can reach!

Now all we need is an intervention for our shoe habit. JN

Upstage Montreal, 514-915-5532,



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