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Coffee With Soul

April 29, 2011

Seven gramswhat is that, the weight of an Americano’s soul? Actually,
yes. Kinda. It’s the amount of espresso used to make one drink at this
welcome new Av & Dav coffee bar.

Heretofore, options in or near Yorkville have been limited, to put it
mildly. But now! Thank heaven for Seven
. The independent cafe is sleek, airy and two-storied: espresso
bar above, plentiful seating (for now) and local art (for that
Queen-Westerly flavour) below.

Servers are attentive and Wi-Fi is free. Order a few itemslike crumbly
baked goods by Circles & Squares, organic juice and fruitand they’ll
hand it all over on, literally, a silver platter.

Oh, right: the coffee. You can get it six ways, from classic French
press to the connoisseur’s favourite, cold-drip (brewed and steeped for
half a day, so it’s never burnt or acidic). Every espresso drink is made
with two shots. Iced lattes or teas are served in handled glass jars to
keep cold and look cute.

Soon, too, Seven Grams will open its patio. As if you needed another
reason to linger. SNP

131 Avenue Rd., Toronto,


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