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Sweet Thierry

August 26, 2011

We always dream of strolling the streets of Paris and indulging in many of its charming patisseries: Well, that dream just a came a little closer to home.

Brought to you by the acclaimed pastry chef Thierry Busset, the new Thierry brings Paris to us with its delectable offerings of all things French, both savoury and sweet. On the savoury end, grab a Primavera Sandwich ($8.50), a lovely mix of roasted pepper, artichoke, goat cheese and black olives. Then move onto the countless sweet offerings like the pretty Citrus Madeleine ($1.25), the out-of-this-world Lemon Tart ($5.75) or bite-size Hazelnut Financiers ($8 for 8). Quench your thirst with a White Plum House Soda ($3.95), but don’t even think about leaving without sampling one of Thierry Espresso Blend creations.

When in France, have a glass of wine too. Anya Georgijevic

Thierry, 1059 Alberni Street, Vancouver, 604-608-6870,

Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe on Urbanspoon


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