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September 25, 2013

The perfect coffee gadgets from our favourite local coffee shops to perk
up your mornings

Chemex Coffee Maker
: Arguably the best way to brew filtered coffee.
It takes a bit longer than just the regular way, but the slow extraction
is worth it for a full-rich bodied coffee thats a bit sweeter than
traditional methods. Available at Fratello, $40 (6-cup), 4021 9 Ave. SE,
Calgary, 403-265-2112,


Espro Press
: This slick-looking double wall French-press is
super-durable and will keep coffee hotter for longer than its glass
counterpart. Espro created a micro-filter on this easy-to-use press that
will keep sediment out of your coffee for a beverage with lots of
flavour. At Caffe Rosso, $79.95 (8 oz.), 803 24 Ave. SE, 403-971-1800,

: This unique gadget is great for making a single-cup of
drip style coffee in a hurry. It takes less than a minute to brew up a
cup and thanks to the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure
each cup is rich without any bitterness. At Phil and Sebastian, $42,
2043 33 Ave. SW, Calgary, 403-686-1221,


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