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September 26, 2013

Does a fear of chain restaurants with cartoon mascots and screeching
tour busses keep you anchored at home? Travelling with kids need not be
as cheesy as a croque monsieur.

With tonnes of tips (from food to fashion) for the discerning traveller,
newly launched site, Kodomo
(child in Japanese) will help you plan and book a sojourn with little
ones that’s as stylish as you are. So whether the kids are your own,
beloved nieces/nephews or younger siblings from your dad’s third
marriage, there is hope for enlightened family travel.

City guides include London, Rio, New York and Morocco with plenty more
to come. Look out for Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto, all written by
Vitamin Daily girls.

No fanny pack, no problem. Athena Tsavliris and Maria Talalrico


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