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Montauk Mania

September 27, 2013

The only way to properly end an IDS West week is at the annual Montauk
Sofa soiree, held at their stunning and spacious two-storey Gastown

As the company’s risqué display booth at the Vancouver Convention Centre
suggested, there were fun times to be that night, as the city’s best
dressed came out in droves to toast company owner Tim Zyto and
(oh-so-charming) designer Danny Chartier.

We spent a good part of the night perched in a prime spot on the second
floor, watching voyeuristically at the mixing and mingling going on
below our feet. Before long, people were communing on couches in fits of
laughter, noshing on nibbles from Cork & Fin and much later, we hear
dancing on tables.

Beautiful people and nonstop bubbles till the wee hours it may have not
been a proper night, per say, but it sure was fun.


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