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Toy to the World

February 10, 2014

While his taste in hats is still up for discussion, we can say with confidence that Pharrell Williams has great taste in toys.

Toy exhibitThe musical mastermind guest curated Design Exchange’s new exhibition, This Is Not a Toy (on display until May 19th). And kids’ toys they aren’t, at least not in the traditional sense. These objets d’art continue on the tradition of pop art and graffiti, although, sometimes, it’s mass-manufactured. On display: bubbly characters by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami; morbidly beautiful figures by German duo Coarse; and adorable rainbow-coloured creatures by Los Angeles-based FriendsWithYou art collective.

Celebrity collections were scoured for this show. Jeanne Beker’s Chanel Bearbrick stands across from Pharrell’s painting of the Smurfs by KAWS. We’re honoured to spend time with such a fun bunch. —Anya Georgijevic

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