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It’s Blooming Marvelous

April 17, 2014

Few things get a girl in the mood for spring like daffodils and tulips.

And, with buckets brimming over with fleurs, it’s impossible to pass the flower shops at Ave. & Dav. without snapping up a fresh bunch of blooms or two. Here are five faves we’re taking home this week:

parrot tulips1. Parrot tulips (the ones with curly, fringed petals) in the softest marshmallow pink top the list.

ranunculars2. Ranunculars are like dollops of colour on dark-green stems. We’ll have ours in golden yellow and rich coral.

hyacinths3. Hyacinths hold the most wonderful scent … and such a bold blue. Who can resist?

flowers anemones4. Creamy white anemones mixed with their deep-rose cousins look breathtaking in mason jars.

freesias5. Freesias are also full of fragrance. Arrange a big bunch in a strong-coloured glass vase or opt for single stems displayed along a long table.


Hey, when it comes to spring blossoms, no one said it was going to be an easy pick. —Athena Tsaviliris

Kay and Young’s, 36 Ave. Rd., Toronto, 416-922-5651
Yang’s Flower and Fruit Market, 132 Ave. Rd., Toronto, 416-413-9195
Jong Young, 128 Ave. Rd., Toronto, 416-922-4421
Grower’s Flower Market and Gifts, 126 Ave. Rd., Toronto, 416-920-2442


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