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Sounds Like Summer

June 4, 2014

Craving concerts that are on the opposite shore to vanilla? Check out our picks for upcoming shows that’ll leave you totally exulted.

show 1Le1f: This Wesleyan-trained ballerino turned rapper is a joy to behold. Besides being an immensely talented dancer (if you haven’t seen his Late Show stint, in which he slides in and out of a moon-boot-clad shimmy, simultaneously channelling both 1994 and 2023, watch it now), Le1f is an inspiration. The discrimination he’s faced as an openly queer rapper is appalling—yet he shrugs the vitriol off his windbreaker-ed shoulder and keeps on making super-fun, audacious rhymes (“I see the haters hatin’ and I be like, ‘goodbye, man.’”). Vogue on, Le1f. June 6 at Celebrities

show 2Michael Franti & Spearhead: This tour, called Soulshine, is just so Vancouver you have to smile. It’s a day-to-night event that starts with a sunny afternoon group yoga lesson suited to all ages and skill levels. This gradually melds into groovy outdoor music performances by Franti and friends, presumably filled with many arm-raises to the heavens (you’ll be thankful for the pre-show stretch). Want an experience, not a just a concert? Here you go. June 26 at the PNE Amphitheatre VIP GIVEAWAY: We’re contesting off two tickets to Soulshine in the VIP Room! Head over now for your chance to win!

show 3Mac DeMarco: This B.C. native moved to Montreal in 2011 to pursue a career as a solo musician; failing to find work immediately, he earned cash participating in medical experiments. Fortunately, DeMarco’s croony, smoke-voiced and somehow cheerfully lovelorn music (listen to Ode to Viceroy) took off before anything went mad-scientist haywire at his side job and now his album, Salad Days, is proving one of the most exciting, refreshing lo-fi pop sounds out there. A little lewd, a little crazy, a little sweet—we can’t help our ill-advised crush on Canada’s favourite young weirdo. July 1 at Vogue

Now you know. —Adrienne Matei


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