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August 21, 2015

spoumMontreal ice cream-makers are taking our fave frozen treat to new heights with unique spins on old cone toppers. Here are four that are far from vanilla:

smooth operator: At the Spoum dairy counter in Mile-Ex, chef Gregory Paul churns out the silkiest sorbets in flavours like banana, lime and coco, and rosemary watermelon. Feel free to bring your fur baby along—veal stock sorbet for discerning canine foodies is also served here.

worth the wait: We don’t mind the Mile End wait at Kem Coba, where La Québécoise ice cream features local blueberries and honey and La Romantique mixes rosewater, raspberry and lychee. Gage the lineup by keeping an eye on the shop’s unofficial-yet-hilarious Twitter feed (run by an incognito neighbour).

la diperietropics time: We’re coco-nuts for the coconut faux ice cream from pastry shop Petit Lapin in Westmount, where all the vegan iced desserts are dairy-free, allergy-free, gluten-free and, best of all, guilt-free.

do the dip: La Diperie on the Plateau dips soft-serve differently. We melted for Cally’s key lime pie dipped in lime chocolate and covered with crushed cookies. It’s a sinful summer.

Did we miss your favourite local ice cream joint? Let us know—leave a comment below! —Carrie MacPherson


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