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Watch: Cory Ashworth Making Lunch for his Mom

September 3, 2015

On the universal scale of heart-warming-ness, making moms happy is right up there with sunshine, gumdrops, and baby gurgles.

So when local broadcaster and, in case you haven’t met him, incredibly pleasant fellow Cory Ashworth (Cory  do you remember the first time we met, you gave us all your green Sour Patch Kids? We do, Cory, we remember) sets out to *make his mom lunch* you can bet you’re in for a beautiful five minute video. What’s more, is that Cory teams up with Nelson the Seagull cofounder Lee Snelgar, who whips up a loaf of her signature crusty bread, grabs a couple knives and cast irons, and shows us all how to create the perfect, simple, fleur-de-sel topped lunch of grilled bread, salad and steak to make mom proud. Plus, if you love mom-jokes, get excited.

Watch the newest, cutest episode of Let’s Go! here. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go call our moms. —Vitamin Daily



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