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Vancouver’s Best New Meal Delivery Service

September 4, 2015

enroot meal serviceIn a perfect world, lunch would just appear on a desks, and it’d be delicious and healthy and wouldn’t require us to demonstrate the foresight and dexterity to, you know, pack a brown bag in the morning.

Enter Vancouver’s new Enroot meal service/godsend: a made-from-scratch lunch/dinner-delivery company that will chauffeur a meal anywhere within its delivery zone, in no time flat. We tested it out, placing an order around 11 a.m. (when Enroot "opens" for lunch, posting its daily menu online) and hardly 10 minutes later our phone buzzed with a text reading, "Your meal has arrived." A friendly fellow passed us our Enroot order from the passenger-seat window of his car (fuel efficient) and, moments later, we tucked into a hearty Moroccan pesto spinach and grain bowl, a Piri Piri chicken kale Caesar wrap and a Mediterranean tortellini salad, all equally fresh and delicious (Enroot lets you see ingredients and calorie counts in every menu item, pre-order). Super-surprisingly, the price is right with this service so, even though you get the princess treatment, you’re only paying around $4 for a side and $9 for a main.

It’s the best lunch date you could have without clearing your schedule. —Adrienne Matei


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