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This New Local Drink is So Montreal

September 4, 2015

1642 colaIf our city were a soda, it would be 1642 Cola.

This new, lightly bubbly, refreshing soft drink was named for the year that Paul de Chomedey, sieur de Maisonneuve and a handful of settlers founded Montreal. As locally unique as poutine, you can almost taste the Habitat ’67, see the flashing Farine Five Roses marquee and hear the sounds of The Main as you sip it straight up or mixed in your favourite libation. Crafted and bottled right here in town, part of 1642 Cola’s distinct flavour comes from a hint of maple syrup; unfortunately, beyond that one ingredient, the young entrepreneurs behind the bottle aren’t sharing more details about their carefully guarded, simply delicious, secret recipe.

We can only say that we adopted it as easily as we did the city. —Carrie MacPherson


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