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Vancouver’s Cold-Pressed Juice Scene is Looking UP

September 25, 2015

up jusThe city’s newest cold-pressed juicery is raising a glass to our health.

Working with naturopathy and skin-care experts, UP JUS owner and former Glowbal Group chef Lam Luong infuses benefit-packed ingredients drawn from his Vietnamese roots—think pandan leaf, lotus seeds and black sesame—into his holistic raw juices. Luong’s Sweet Greens concoction, with mung beans, coconut sugar and centella asiatica, is said to increase brain function and aid in lowering cholesterol, while the best-selling, anti-aging Charcoal Lemonade, packed with activated charcoal and chia seeds, targets digestion issues (and feels like a mini bubble-tea party in your mouth, to boot). Best of all, this cosy Yaletown space, complete with patio furniture and a ByNature Design living wall, makes sitting and sipping a truly pleasant experience.

Does Vancouver really need, as the juicery’s own cheeky hashtag suggests, #anotherJUSshop? We sure think so. —Miranda Sam

UP JUS, 108-1058 Mainland St., Vancouver, 604-762-0729,


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