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We’re Falling for These 5 New Canadian Reads

November 11, 2015

Warm up to the colder months with a steaming cuppa, and these five titillating titles chosen by our editors.

The Heart Goes Last Margaret AtwoodThe Heart Goes Last, Margaret Atwood: Layoffs, foreclosures, frozen credit cards … Positron’s economic collapse sees Stan and Charmaine living in their car. At first they’re glad to have each other but, when they take a deal that partially imprisons them in exchange for housing (and she falls for the man residing in their home), things get weird. Atwood’s fourth instalment in her serial about life in a Big Brother universe weaves infidelity, murder and sex-bot replicas (you’ll see) into the mix, leaving us wondering, “Would we do the same in their shoes?” $26 at— Lise Boullard

All Inclusive, Farzana DoctorAll Inclusive, Farzana Doctor: Set in a lavish Mexican resort, this mysterious and sexy page-turner seamlessly intertwines the living world with the afterlife. The story centres on Ameera, who spends her days dealing with fussy visitors and anonymous customer complaints and her nights dabbling in the swingers’ scene. She’s also working to uncover the truth about why her late father abandoned her. Told in alternating narratives from the perspectives of Ameera and her dad, this dark-but-moving novel is sure to be a nightstand fixture this fall. $20 at— Megan Bourassa

A Better Man, Leah McLarenA Better Man, Leah McLaren: New parents will get the laughs in this book (sign up the twin toddlers for Hindi lessons so they can compete in the global economy! Encourage “the family bed!”). Unexpected are the many plot twists as Maya, a divorce lawyer-turned-stay at home mom, and Nick, an ad exec, navigate the murky waters of a failing marriage, competitive parenting and the expense of a possible divorce. In true McLaren style, this one’s written with a surprise ending that makes the rapid-fire page-turning even more delicious. $16 at— Sarah Bancroft

Shell, Michelle StewartShell, Michelle Stewart: The premise—one woman’s final year after a lifelong struggle with anorexia and bulimia—may make you think, “Whoa, heavy.” But Victoria-based Stewart, former BC Ministry of Health director of communications, blogs the last year of her life with grace and even some levity. Also touching: a foreword by Dr. D. Blake Woodside and the final chapter, written by Stewart’s sister after the author’s death. $18 at— S.B.

Poles Apart Terry FallisPoles Apart, Terry Fallis: We’re into feminism, and we’re into blogging—it’s likely clear why we loved two-time Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour winner Terry Fallis’ brand-new novel. This clever, funny read, which follows the rise of a feminist blogging sensation (whom the world is shocked to learn is actually a man) is perfect for brightening up winter’s darkest days. $17 at— Noa Nichol


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