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Restyle your space with Samantha Pynn for Simons

February 15, 2016

With our FOMO under control we’ve been nesting like a boss and it’s made us notice our bachelorette pad could use a little sprucing up.

And we’ve long had a girl crush on design personality Samantha Pynn and her design expertise. While we’ll always look to her for ideas, now our love for her home décor aesthetic can be even more easily fulfilled since Simons has partnered with Pynn to create a collection of bedding, bath and kitchen items. Pretty colours? Check. Touchable textures? Yep, there are modern looks done in embroidery and woven jacquards. And styles you can easily mix and match? Of course. Pynn’s made it so simple we feel like design pros ourselves.

We’re thinking nesting will soon be replaced with hosting so we can show off our stylish new space. — Karen Kwan

Samantha Pynn for Simons, available at Simons stores and online at

For Samantha Pynn’s Spring 2016 decor tips view our slideshow here.

Samantha Pynn


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