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See You On the Balcony

March 21, 2016

I’m sure we’re not alone in saying we’ve always wanted to go to the ballet, but never liked the ballet price tag.

Lucky for us that Ballet BC and Simons have partnered to create the Simons Community Balcony. Tickets for the balcony are $15 each for all three of Ballet BC’s programs this year, which is their 30th anniversary season. All you need to go is go to Simons, Park Royal, and sign up for their loyalty program.

With these tickets in hand, we attended the world premiere of Program 2 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, choreographed by Medhi Walerski. His contemporary two-part show was breaktaking, embodying in equal parts both uniformity and fluidity, simplicity and complexity. Not only was each individual dancer stunning, but the collective moved as one, reminiscent of a beating heart, and we were blown away.

This Simons sponsorship means the ballet doesn’t have to be a one off experience, but something you can attend time and time again. And with the roster of programs this year, the timing couldn’t be more on point. — Aleeza Khan

Ballet BC


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