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Out With The Old, In With ‘ONO Raw Bar

April 14, 2016

Oh, no! After a six-year run, Cork and Fin closes but gets reinvented with a sexy new concept: ‘ONO, a modern Japanese-inspired seafood raw bar.

The menu includes many of the usual Japanese restaurant suspects—think sushi rolls and sashimi—along with some inventive new items. Chef’s recommendations include the Octopus Carpaccio (braised octopus with shiso salsa neatly laid atop crispy rice) and Kani Pasta (crab udon). With design help from Kalu interiors, owner and handyman Frances Regio built most of the fresh new interiors by himself; even bar stools are in the works! ‘ONO takes its name from a Hawaiian word meaning "tasty" or "white fish," and the team is still working on incorporating Hawaiian flavours, so don’t be surprised if you catch trendy poke bowls (marinated cut-up raw fish served on white rice) pop up on the menu this summer.

We bet you’ll be saying ‘ONO all the way home. — Miranda Sam

221 Carrall St., 604-569-2215.


Ono Raw Bar


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