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Your Second Shot at Serendipity

April 14, 2016

I’ve always been quite skeptical of online dating. Being 20 years old, I always assumed that meeting someone through an online dating service was a complete and total last resort. Then I started noticing all of my friends getting into relationships. Guess how they met? Through online sites and mobile dating apps. So when I was asked to try the new dating app, happn, where people you walk by show up on your timeline, I thought, well, if worst comes to worst I guess I can leave my cat home alone for one Friday night.


When you tap someone’s photo, you’re immediately brought to their short and sweet profile. The app syncs profiles through Facebook, which is a mega plus for various reasons: 1) You can’t hide behind a false picture or made-up name, and 2) Happn does the legwork of finding out what you have in common by extracting shared interests, liked pages and mutual friends. As a side, the map displaying where you two crossed paths can provide an indication of where they like to hang out. In my own experience, I had Crushes with people who work out at my gym, leading me to believe they enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle, just like myself.


I started receiving Charms so I started going on the app more often. The first couple of days, I’m not going to lie, were strange. I was afraid to “like” anyone, so naturally I didn’t get any conversations going, but I received a total of eight Charms during the week. I have to say it was pretty fun to see who you could meet by just walking into a coffee shop or going to a restaurant. I found the selection of men pretty substantial, and I was surprised at how many guys were actually using this app. Lots of them were attractive, had good careers and seemed pretty genuine. I also liked how the selection changed based on where you were. So for example, since I’m graduating in May, I’m not looking to meet someone who’s in first or second year at university. So when I would leave my campus and go somewhere downtown, it would give me more options of guys who were already graduated (peace out frat boys!) The app even lets you see where you crossed paths with the person, so it’s kind of like a second chance at serendipity.


Now you can be out exploring the world and living your life, and leave the chance at love to fate (with a little technical help from happn). Did I mention the app is free? Now there’s no excuse for you to be third wheeling all of your friends. Make love happn people! — Vitamin Daily

Download happn for free on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


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