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We Review Gwyneth’s New Cookbook

April 19, 2016

The Goop mastermind and bestselling author (oh, and Academy Award winner, NBD) has just released her latest cookbook, It’s All Easy ($42). 

With promises of delicious recipes for the super-busy home cook we suspected It’s All Easy might be our gateway to a relaxed, stress-free dining experience with the whole family.

After reading through the recipes and moderately salivating we noted that the Gwyneth food pyramid is bottom-heavy on cilantro, avocado, Asian spices and finely grated, chopped and spiralled vegetables. If you don’t like cilantro, it’s all good: we discovered the recipes are adaptable to familial preferences.

We tried our hand at the Tikka Masala Roast Chicken and Cauliflower and Kimchi "Fried Rice." The ingredients were easy to come by at our local market and the fusions of flavours were a hit with the littlest palettes.

Our verdict: A bit of Paltrow, planning and prep and we’re raising our cup of Matcha tea in a toast to Gwyneth and the good life! — Michelle Gadd

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