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10 Tomboy Essentials

March 5, 2017

10 Tomboy Essentials

By VITA Daily

There’s nothing like comfort and style. Here are 10 must-haves for all the tomboys (girls) out there, or for those who just want to channel their inner Ruby Rose! —Nicole Chiu

  • Button-Down Shirt

    By VITA Daily

    If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect button-down shirt, look no further! Peau De Loup has got you covered: menswear made for a woman’s curves! $78 at

  • 5-Panel Hat

    By VITA Daily

    Whether it’s worn to shelter your eyes from the sun or to cover up a bad hair day, the Muttonhead five-panel hat is sure to do the trick. $55 at

  • Leather Jacket

    By VITA Daily

    With classic biker style and sharp silver detail, this jacket adds instant edge to your look. $429 at

  • Oversized Blazer

    By VITA Daily

    Keep it classy with this oversized menswear-inspired blazer. $160 at

  • Boyfriend Jeans

    By VITA Daily

    Tomboy or not, boyfriend jeans are a comfortable must-have in every woman’s closet! $70 at

  • Loose Cardigan

    By VITA Daily

    Head back to the good ol’ times with this old-school college-inspired knit cardigan. $98 at Pair with Pea De Loup’s perfect button down for a complete look!

  • Blundstones

    By VITA Daily

    You’ve got to have a pair of Blunnies to complete your rockin’ outfit! $200 at

  • Baggy Hoodie

    By VITA Daily

    Get a complete gender-neutral outfit from The Legends League. $130 at

  • Denim Jacket

    By VITA Daily

    Denim is the new black! This one is oversized for extra comort. $60 at

  • White Tee

    By VITA Daily

    Everyone needs a basic white tee in their wardrobe. $20 at


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