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New Nosh: Figures

April 6, 2017

There’s a new toy store in town, with more than just collectibles on offer.


Behind its comic book-wallpapered entrance, Figures, a new restaurant on Avenue Road, is serving up share plates PLUS a dose of nostalgia. With a no-photo policy of the interior, you’ll have to go yourself to check out the art inside (hint: it touches on nostalgic personas). As for the menu, you’ll need to eat something substantial so you can indulge in the strong-but-tasty cocktails (we opted for the Maleficient, with activated charcoal that makes it almost healthy, never mind the absinthe). For food, you’d be superhero-smart to order the meaty rich oxtail on a fluffy plaintain pancake and the beets, served two ways and with a creamy hit of panko-crusted goat cheese.

With an eclectic mix of dance-able music on blast and, thanks to that sneaky toy-shop entryway, a speakeasy feel, Figures is set to be the latest "it" destination for dinner and late-nate noshing in Yorkville. —Karen Kwan

Figures, 137 Avenue Rd., Toronto, 416-900-1022,


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