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Summer Grilling Tips

August 22, 2018

Calling all grilling greenhorns! Need help mastering the art of barbecuing? Don’t fret—Carnivor Wines from California has you covered. It takes knowledge and skill to grill up the perfect steak. It’s a simple concept but needs some finesse, too. Below are four tips and tricks to elevate your next backyard bash. Satisfy your primal side even when you’re new to the grilling game! —Vita Daily


perfect pairings. Think beer and barbecue go hand-in hand? Forget about it! A great food and wine pairing can seriously upgrade an ordinary meal. For example, Carnivor Wines’ Cabernet Sauvignon from California is an exceptional complement to your favourite red meat. It’s layered with hints of rich blackberry, notes of dark cherry and smooth toasted oak. Steaks pair well with these flavour profiles, resulting in an indulgent and satisfying meal you won’t soon forget!

every cut is different. Research different cuts of meat and how factors like thickness and fat content will impact its cooking process. One of the best cuts for the grill is the ribeye. Highly marbled, the ribeye steak is rich, fatty and packs a ton of flavour. Carnivor Wines has a mouth-watering recipe that can be adapted for the grill. With five fridge and pantry ingredients, you can create a masterpiece! Check out the recipe attached!

over the coals. Grilling on a charcoal barbecue can yield more intense and smoky flavours. Although managing the heat may be more difficult to control at first, the end result is definitely worth the effort. You’ll know the coals are hot enough when they are covered in a grey ash. Use the vents to increase or decrease the internal temperature of your grill to manage the heat.

over a gas grill. Using a gas grill can give you better heat control and even cooking. Although you are able to better control your heat using the grill’s temperature dials, it’s important to note that hotter isn’t always better. As opposed to turning all burners on high heat, try turning half your grill on high and the other on low. This way you can sear your meat on one side and finish off the cooking process on the cooler side.


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