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Tasting Notes: Canadian Club Chronicles Aged 41 Years

February 4, 2019

Canadian Club is the whisky from Madmen. This particular version would have begun aging 41 years ago. For those of us who are better oriented in fiction than in reality, I think that’s when Don Draper moved out West and began dating an actress.

canadian club

While the nose (ripe fruits, vanilla, cherry) is very inviting and complex, the taste (chocolate brownie, leather and spicy finish) is far simpler than many aged whiskeys. It is not necessarily a bad thing. The amateurs of the brand will be at home. After all, the standard Canadian Club is known and celebrated for its smoothness, simplicity and quality.

You can put away your nosing glass, pull out the drinks tray, grab a tumbler, some ice cubes and wonder whether this whisky is a better time machine than the Kodak Carousel. Guillaume Garih


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