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Way Beyond Yoga: the Dramatic Growth of Wellness Retreats

February 5, 2019

Go to a yoga class in Vancouver these days, and you’re likely to hear the teacher promote a yoga retreat in Mexico or a tropical island somewhere. Everyone, it seems, is leading or going to a retreat. But in the past couple years, retreats that go far beyond yoga have popped up in and around Vancouver. Most incorporate yoga, but also bring in either creative writing, crafting, meditation, nutrition or business and spiritual coaching. Here are our top picks for this spring and why:


creative flow retreat. Taking place in Bodega Ridge, Galiano Island, March 8th to 10th, 2019, this retreat is led by award-winning journalist and author, Cori Howard, who combines writing and yoga to bring women together on a journey of self-discovery. This weekend retreat is aimed at women between the ages of 25 and 50 who need to get away and rediscover themselves through body, mind and spirit exercises, while deeply connecting with other women and sharing stories. Expect: transformation, a new way of looking at your life and new friendships.

soulful entrepreneur retreat. In Ashcroft May 12th to 18th, this five-day retreat is for entrepreneurs who want to become more efficient and effective and connect to other entrepreneurs using traditional and spiritual coaching and horseback riding. Expect: a new business and personal life vision.

one-day silent retreat. Bowen Island’s Nectar Yoga B&B is the site for this one-day silent retreat, February 9th and 16th, which includes yoga, meditation, journaling and, of course, vegan meals in a beautiful dome in the forest.This is an easy day trip from Vancouver. Expect: learn new meditation techniques and get clarity on the year ahead.


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