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Big Love at Oakridge

March 19, 2019

Our favourite Vancouver-created bouncy thing is on a cross-Canada tour spreading a message of inclusion, connection and, of course, love.

big love ball

The Big Love Ball‘s We Are Here tour is an expansive interactive art installation that will appear in Oakridge Centre in Vancouver until March 24th, 2019. Come and pose in photos (super for IG), chat with the BLB team and participate in writing "You Are Loved" notes to add to the 400,000 that have already been composed and shared! According to BLB creator Wendy Williams Watt, "Shopping centres are the public square where people meet to share trends in fashion, culture and art … a deeper experience rather than simply consuming. … Big Love Ball is an excuse to connect. And the world can’t wait."

We couldn’t agree more! —Vita Daily


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