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Double-Duty Beauty

July 15, 2019

When it comes to beauty, why not multitask where you can to save time? The following top product picks with multiple uses and benefits can help you Marie Kondo your vanity as well as lessen the impact on your wallet. —Vicki Duong and Noa Nichol

double duty

cleansing conditioner. The OG when it comes to double-duty products, 2-in-1 shampoo is what comes to mind when most think of multi-tasking beauty. KMS MoistRepair Cleansing Conditioner ($23) gently cleanses while also conditioning without requiring any additional products. The lactic acid helps support reconstruction while other ingredients even out hair’s natural surface, making this do-it-all product ideal for distressed hair types.

double duty

anti-aging cream. The first-ever Jouviance product launched, the 3-in-1 Rejuvenating Anti Aging Cream ($94) is a go-to-moisturizer for hydrating your skin while combating the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles. This rich cream features peptides with amino acids that assist in plumping and firming. Its multi-use factor? It’s suitable for morning and night use, and as an eye cream. Need another reason to try it? Jouviance lets you pick your preferred container, jar or pump, at no additional cost.

double duty

hydrating setting spray. Inspired by Korean skin care, Jowae Hydrating Water Mist ($19) boasts 97 per cent natural ingredients including the brand’s signature sakura flower to provided hydration and a light scent. This ultra-fine mist doubles down by acting as a setting spray for makeup.

double duty

highlighting moisturizer. Ideal for the gal on the go, Tarte’s Brighter Days ($42) is one part moisturizer, one part luminizer. It can be worn on its own, under makeup to boost radiance or even lightly dabbed on cheekbones for a subtle highlight. Not only is this moisturizer light-weight, it’s also sweat-resistant (making it perfect for the gym—or faking that sweat sesh afterglow!).

double duty

bronzing primer. Summer may feel ages away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it till the sunshine comes around. Stila’s Lingerie Souffle Skin Perfecting Primer ($47) is lightly whipped with reflecting pearls that leave your skin naturally glowing with a slight blurring effect. The Sunkissed shade is perfect for impersonating a tan because it leaves a slight golden glow that can also be added over foundation to add a bit more dimension to your complexion.

double duty

leave-in conditioner. Keep those tresses healthy and beautiful with Design.Me Hair’s Fab.ME leave-in spray ($25). This all-in-one product brags more than a dozen benefits ranging from colour fade and environmental protection to detangling and enhancing volume. Our personal fave boon: it reduces blowdry time significantly, leaving your hair with less heat damage and you more time in your beauty routine.


toner-slash-moisturizer. New from Laneige, Cream Skin is a two-in-one toner and moisturizer that uses white leaf tea water and something called "cream blending technology" to hydrate and moisturize skin in one simple step (acknowledging the cold hard truth that, some days, we don’t have time to do multiple tasks, even when it comes to our dermis). Pro tips: use it as a two-minute mask, or spray it on like mist, before or after makeup, for added glow!


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