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Santa’s Favourite Holiday Tipple

December 9, 2019

What does the big man in the snazzy red suit—a.k.a. Paul Mason, the Toronto model who went viral as Fashion Santa back in 2015—reach for when he’s parched? A special holiday edition Walter Craft Caesar, of course, featuring lobster stock (in place of clam juice), fragrant sage and tarragon, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce; Santa simply adds his favourite spirit, a squeeze of fresh citrus and enjoys! We chatted with Paul about his career, the Walter campaign and how he likes to dress his Caesar! —Noa Nichol


Hi Paul! Tell us a bit about yourself (and your rise to fame as Fashion Santa) to start.

I’ve actually been a fashion model most of my life. A few years ago when my mother fell ill to cancer, I moved back home to Canada from New York. Unfortunately she passed, and in my grief I grew a massive white beard! When I looked in the mirror with my new, burly white beard I immediately though it had a real Santa vibe about it. So, I decided to run with it and created Fashion Santa … the rest, as they say, is history!

How did this partnership with Walter Craft Caesar come about?

I’m a Canadian, so I’m naturally a Caesar lover. And I was already a fan of the Walter brand, so when I met the guys from Walter out and about here in Toronto, we got to chatting. it was really a thing of right place, right time, right partnership.

Why is this collab a good fit?

Walter is the premium Caesar. Fashion Santa is, well, the Fashion Santa. In essence, we are really both just a new, fun take on an already loved idea.

What do you think about Walter’s limited-edition Holiday Caesar Mix? Why is it set to be "the most fashionable drink of the season?”

In getting to know the team at Walter, it quickly became apparent that these guys are passionate about making the best Caesar mixes out there. And when I tried their new Holiday Mix made with lobster stock, I was immediately hooked.

As a Canadian, are you a longtime Caesar drinker/fan? Do you remember drinking your first Caesar? Do you think the Caesar has solidified itself as part of Canadiana?

Absolutely. Caesars are definitely part of the Canadian identity. “Saturday mixer, Sunday fixer” as I sometimes say. I can’t say that I actually remember my first Caesar, but I do love introducing my American friends to our National Cocktail!

What do you think about Walter’s partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (and the fact that, for every bottle of Holiday Caesar Mix sold, Walter Craft Caesar will donate $1 to the organization)?

I love this! Having a giving-back component is really an important part of everything I do as Fashion Santa, and being a part of this program with Walter and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada is something I’m really proud of. The team at Big Brothers Big Sisters is doing amazing work for and with kids across Canada, and I know the organization is near and dear to the hearts of the Walter Caesar guys.

There’s a trend with Caesars to serve them with strange and extreme accompaniments. What do you like served in your Caesar glass?

Many of my friends love weird and over-the-top garnishes, but I’m actually a pretty classic guy. If I’m looking for a bit more sustenance, I might treat myself by topping my Holiday Caesar with a lobster claw!


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