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December 10, 2019

“This holiday season is all about bouncy and healthy hair, and it all starts with the tools you’re using. The powerful air flow and heat control of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer smooths out your cuticle for a sleek, natural blowout in record time. And the Dyson Airwrap creates those perfect bouncy waves. Accessories are still having a major moment—so find something cute that works with or amps up your beautiful holiday get up.” —Matthew Collins, Dyson global styling ambassador

Look1: Part Volume


tools. Dyson Airwrap Styler, hair clips, comb, mousse, medium-to-strong-hold hairspray, texturizing spray, large bobby pins or hair clips

step 1. Shampoo and condition hair, towel dry to remove excess moisture. Work mousse through hair with hands, focusing on the root area. Use Dyson Airwrap Prestyling Dryer attachment to rough dry the hair to 50 per cent damp.

step 2. Switch to the Dyson Airwrap Smoothing Brushes: Firm Smoothing Brush for coarser hair or Soft Smoothing Brush for finer hair. Focusing from root to midway down length of hair, smooth to create a small amount of volume with no curl or bend.

step 3. Dry and smooth top of hair then apply spray to mid-lengths and ends. Attached a Dyson 30mm Airwrap barrel; hold the unit upside-down in the mirror to determine which side of the head will wrap away from the face. Taking vertical one-inch-wide sections and starting in the front, manually wrap the mid-lengths to ends around the barrel. Heat to dry and style for 10-12 seconds, then cool for 2-5 seconds before moving onto the next. Continue to the centre back of the head and stop. Switch to the other Dyson 30mm Airwrap barrel and repeat same steps on the other side of the head.

step 4. Once entire head completed, mist hair with texturizing spray. Using fingers start to gently pull waves apart section by section. To create more volume through the bottom hold the ends of the hair and, using other hand, slide hair up toward the root, mist with hairspray for hold. Repeat throughout entire head.

step 5. Using a comb, smooth out root to the top of the ear and then slide in desired bobby pins/clips following the curve of the head. Finish with hairspray.

Look 2: Pretty Pony


tools. Dyson Supersonic, Diffuser attachment, Smoothing Nozzle attachment, medium-hold gel, surf spray, bobby pins, brush, comb

step 1. Shampoo and condition hair, towel dry to remove excess moisture. Dispense gel in hand and run through hair from roots to ends. Take two-to-three-inch-wide sections and twist hair away from the face.

step 2. Using the Dyson Supersonic with the Diffuser attachment on low airflow (one white light) and low heat (one red light) gently diffuse twists until dry. Tip: to reduce frizz, start drying at the scalp and work down the hair, limiting the amount of movement. To create volume for finer hair, tip head upside-down and side-to-side while diffusing.

step 3. Once dry place hands at the scalp and shake hair to break up texture. Using hands or a comb direct all hair to one side of the head and place bobby pins down the centre until just before crown. Gather all of the free hair and elevate to 90 degrees from head with ends of hair directed down toward back. Start to roll hair in toward head and secure as you move toward the bottom.

step 4. To soften the look for a windswept effect use the Dyson Supersonic with the Smoothing Nozzle attachment and on low airflow (one white light) and cool heat (no red lights) and blow-dry hairline.

step 5. Finish with desired surf spray through ends and place accessories on the seam of the hair.

Dream Team

Salon: Nadia Albano Style Inc.
Stylist: Shallynn Johnston
Models: Lyndi Barrett, Samantha Sito
Photographer: Erin Sousa
Accessories: Bella & Wren, Melanie Auld, Fyne @ Blubird


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