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Celebrate Female Positivity, Strength And Happiness Online

November 9, 2020

There’s a new Canadian-made online movement and community that celebrates positivity, strength and happiness in all women from all walks of life—in other words, women who have a Stellar mindset. Co-founded by Teri Tkachuk, Co-founder of STELLARGIRL is building a community of women talking about strength, fitness and a healthy attitude, about style and making it your own, about shining with a kind heart and gratitude and about travel and what has inspired each one of us. We chatted with Teri about the concept. —Vita Daily

Hi Teri! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

I am a proud Canadian from Saskatoon; I graduated from the U of S. I experienced many moves across Canada and attended other universities in between travels. I actually grew up in the offices of Bruce Allen Talent in Vancouver. I lived in Kits, South Granville and Yaletown. I miss the city as it was by far the best city I’ve ever resided! I was Bruce’s EA for almost 10 years and was incredibly fortunate to work with clients such as Bryan Adams, Michael Buble, Martina McBride, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Anne Murray and Bob Rock. After moving to the U.S. and having my son Brady, I got a job as KATU News style reporter, and became a personal trainer and a wardrobe stylist. Fast forward a few years and I moved to Chicago and became the style editor for Naperville Magazine, was signed to Stewart Talent Chicago as a commercial print and fitness model, and then came full circle back to the prairies to Wisconsin where I met my love. We blended our families, created STELLARGIRL, and we are ready to launch!

What is the aim behind it? How does STELLARGIRL work?

We started the company in 2017, but had the vision a few years before. There is a void in todays culture we wanted to fill. There are many amazing “girl power” movements and businesses. However, we are a little different. We are celebrating women for being exactly what they are, stellar! STELLARGIRL celebrates extraordinary women all over the world who are living the best versions of themselves! Our mission is to champion women having fun, while they achieve their personal passions. STELLARGIRL is a platform that shares and “stellarbrates” those journey’s by giving them a SHARE space to be “glow getters” and letting their bold attitudes shine through. At STELLARGIRL we elevate and support each other. There is a lot of negativity in today’s world. We are the exact opposite. We are a space of Stellarbration! It works well as our message resonates with all women who want to be part of a movement.

How can women better support each other?

Lead with kindness. Re-establish a human connection with conversations instead of just texts and “likes.” The hatred and negativity on social media and all the judgement facing young girls, women, and moms is such a destructive space. STELLARGIRL reminds us that real women are BACK. We show up for each other every day and equally importantly we show up for ourselves.

Who are some of the strongest, most inspiring women you’ve met in your life?

My mom is incredibly strong and the most selfless women I know. I admire her beyond measure. My grandmother, my Babi, raised four daughters alone as a farmer in the prairies in the 1940s and taught them all a strong work ethic. My mom not only raised my brother and I while my father was on the road working, she was a high school teacher for 35 years, involved in coaching sports at the national level, an international track referee, and was recently inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame. She worked full time, raised a family, and took care of all her friends and now her grandchildren. She was and still is stellar! Over the years I have worked with strong, stellar women at Bruce Allen Talent; they all taught me so much. We supported each other and shared a common goal of trying to make Bruce’s life a little easier and more efficient. I have incredible girlfriends that have stood by me and supported this venture. They have inspired me and shared my excitement and passion of launching this amazing brand and creating a movement! I have even met countless awe inspiring women throughout my global travels who’s stories need to be told and who believe that STELLARGIRL resonates with all of us regardless of where you are from!

Tell us about the STELLARGIRL range of products, and how they help women join the Stellarbration.

I actually created something and I am not just talking about the STELLARGIRL brand. Everyday I am reminded that my former DIY routine of shimmer, powder, glitter and lotion application turned into one product that I made with chemists and a cosmeceutical company. Pinch me, it’s real, and it makes me so happy putting it on everyday. Somedays I use a little less and it’s subtle. Sometimes I layer it on more on vacation, going to the beach, or for a festive holiday party! I also created a few pieces of jewelry to let your STELLARGIRL shine and a ball cap and a toque to show off your true STELLARGIRL. There are many more upcoming products in the pipeline that are being launched in 2021. Stellargirls will have tons of options to celebrate each other and show they are a part of this extraordinary movement!


  1. Melissa Yackeschi

    November 10th, 2020 at 1:02 am

    All I have to say is this woman is inspiring, trendy, resilient, and most importantly a leader!
    Melissa Yackeschi
    A Stellargirl 💯 percent

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