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How To Break The Ice More Easily With Emojis On Bumble

November 9, 2020

We all know dating can be challenging enough, never mind having to come up with clever conversation starters! That’s why Bumble has added a new emoji feature, which lets you send emoji reactions (there are nine in total) in response to specific parts of someone’s profile, making chats easier—and potentially getting rid of the awkwardness of terrible opening lines! We spoke with a spokesperson from Bumble about how it works! —Vita Daily

Clever dating convo starters: why are they so darn difficult to come up with?!

There’s a lot of pressure to put together the perfect opening line because your first move is essentially the digital way of introducing yourself to someone you’re potentially interested in dating. First impressions matter and we understand that it can feel burdensome to come up with a clever opening line time after time. With this in mind, Bumble introduced Conversation Starters (see our Conversation Starters Generator here!) back in 2018 to make it easier for our users to make the first move. This feature gives users a selection of pre-generated opening lines that they can use to initiate conversation with their match on Bumble. We also recently launched the Questions Game, which is a feature that allows our users to get to know their matches in a fun and engaging way by answering different questions. Users can shuffle through the pre-generated questions within the app or create their own. Both users have to respond to the question before the answer is revealed. It’s a playful and interactive way for users to kick off the conversation with their match.

We hear Bumble has come up with a solution, via its new emoji feature. Please tell us how it works. And why will this be appealing to users?

Yes! Emoji Reactions is the newest way that the Bumble community can initiate conversations with their matches. On Bumble, women always make the first move in heterosexual matches, and this feature gives them the opportunity to directly comment and respond to specific parts of a man’s profile—or simply share an emoji—when they’re ready to connect on a deeper level. In same-sex matches, either person can make the first move with an emoji or by commenting on someone’s profile. We know that a lot of people are eager to find meaningful relationships after experiencing months of social distancing and feelings of loneliness. But with a lot of new complexities around dating right now, we also saw some matches were expiring before a conversation could kick off. We hope that our Emoji Reactions not only makes it easier for our community to make the first move, but to also feel supported during the start of their dating journey on Bumble.

How can emojis help Bumble users chat more easily, and less awkwardly?

With Emoji Reactions, you can break the ice in a more organic way by instantly reacting to something that caught your attention about your match’s profile. For example, if your match uploaded a profile photo cuddling with their adorable dog, you can respond directly to that image with the heart-eyes emoji as your first move. This gives you and your match a shared topic to discuss right off the bat and potentially spark a deeper connection.

How many emojis are currently available for use on Bumble, and will more be added in future?

Bumble users will have nine common emojis to choose from when reacting to someone’s profile, including “Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes,” “See-No-Evil Monkey,” “Face with Open Mouth,” “Grinning Face with Sweat,” “Face With Tears of Joy,” “Clapping Hands,” “Smiling Face With Sunglasses,” “Raising Hands” and “Hundred Points.” We’re open to adding more options for Emoji Reactions depending on how this feature resonates with the wider Bumble community. So far we’ve seen a positive response, which is exciting! User feedback has always been a huge priority at Bumble, and we want to make sure that any updates or additions we make adds value to their experience on the app.

What’s your personal fave emoji to use on Bumble, and why?

With so many great emojis out there, it’s too hard to choose one! But we recently found that the top emojis used in Bumble profiles in Canada for both millennial men and women is the Canadian flag!


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