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3 Money-Saving Tips You Never Thought Of (TV Streaming?!)

June 29, 2022

Money is the hot topic on everyone’s mind. It’s no surprise—with the Consumer Price Index rising by 7.7% year-over-year in May alone, Canadians are trying to save dollars in any way they can. But how do we cut costs when the cost of living keeps rising, and shows no sign of slowing down? Sure, you can limit your visits to the coffee shop for iced lattes or eat less avocado toast. But that’s not always realistic. Here are a few ways you can shave off a few dollars from your monthly expenses, while still enjoying your favourite coffee order. —Vita Daily

ditch your cable package. Canadians, on average, spend $52 per month on their cable bill, with many cable bills being upwards of $100. That’s in addition to their favourite streaming services! Roku offers access to tons of original content and premium subscription-based content, all through your Roku device or TV. You can even catch up on your favourite sitcoms, tune into sports and check out The Roku Channel’s FREE exclusive content like the award-winning Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas or the highly anticipated Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, starring Daniel Radcliffe, all on the #1 streaming platform in the country, based on hours streamed

change up your menu. Groceries are getting expensive, but there are ways to cut down your grocery bill! Adding volume to your meals with beans and frozen veggies and getting the most out of your haul by prepping everything right when you get home, are just some ways to stretch your grocery trip a little further. Try meal prepping big-batch meals like veggie chili and spaghetti squash bowls for an inexpensive, delicious meal.

track your spending. You’ll be surprised at your spending once you put it down on paper! We often don’t think about a ride share here or a takeout meal there, but it really adds up. Try designating essential expenses versus “treats” (and make sure you allow yourself treats!). Keeping track of how much you’re spending each month will help you see where you can cut costs and reduce your overall spending.


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