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Fitness Routines To Build (& Maintain) Summer Strength

June 29, 2022

Forget summer bod (whatever that means); this year, we’re focused on building summer strength! Yup, it’s the ideal time to build, or maintain, fundamental workout routines that create strength inside and out, to keep us on our A Game this summer. We asked Canadian fitness expert Kelsey Rose to speak to the best workouts that help to build and maintain strength this summer, and how to stay motivated, especially during the oncoming heat that can make even the best of us exhausted at the thought of staying on top of workout routines. —Noa Nichol

Hi Kelsey! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

I’m a Canadian fitness and lifestyle coach with a love for everything health and wellness! I started my own fitness app, Sweat With Kelsey, that offers workouts tailored to individuals of all fitness levels. Sweat with Kelsey combines workouts and meal planning to help build and maintain a strong routine. Each month I offer new challenges and the July Challenge, Summer Sweat Series, is just about to get underway. You can follow along using my app or website, and I offer a seven-day free trial for all newcomers. From now until July 4 I am extending this promo to offer a 30-day free trial, meaning you can join me during the July Challenge for free!

With summer officially here, why is it the ideal time to build, or maintain, fundamental workout routines?

During the summer, we’re not always thinking of fitness as a top of mind priority, and it can be something we neglect or push to the side as we try to enjoy vacation time and warm weather. But summer offers us tonnes of opportunities to get outside and stay active in fun and different ways, and it’s a time of year when we should be prioritizing quick and efficient workouts that can be done any time, anywhere. It’s critical to get moving and get your blood pumping daily, even if it’s only for a short 5-15-minute workout using only body weight or minimal equipment, such as resistance bands. My July Challenge is focused on these “quickie” workouts to help you get your sweat in, even for just a short time, each day.

What are some of the best workouts that help to build and maintain strength and wellness?

To build strength, the best workouts are those that incorporate resistance training. Using equipment such as booty bands, dumbbells or any weighted objects puts strain on the muscles, which helps to build strength. But don’t underestimate the power of body weight challenges that can help build strength in the total body too, such as push ups, pull ups, etc. When looking to focus on wellness, it’s crucial to get in daily movement. Getting your steps in daily through a walk or run is a great way to keep moving and in the summer we often have many more options for fun, outdoor activities—like swimming or hiking—that ensures daily movement and an increased heart rate, to help build overall wellness.

How does food play a critical role in one’s health and wellness?

Food plays a critical role in health and wellness because having a balanced, nutritious diet helps feed your muscles and helps with post-workout recovery. When you are fueled through food your body will recover better, and your energy will increase. Whole, clean food are always the best way to keep energy up and I try to focus on the 80/20 rule—if you are eating well 80 per cent of the time it allows you to indulge guilt-free during summer vacations and get-togethers for that other 20 per cent of the time.

What are your top tips to stay motivated to work out and eat well, especially during the oncoming summer heat?

Scheduling your workouts and incorporating activity into your daily routine is a great way to stay motivated and on-schedule with your goals. Having a summer workout accountability buddy also helps you keep each other inspired. For eating well, finding those moments to indulge while maintaining a regular routine of eating healthy, whole foods will help keep you motivated. If you’re challenging yourself to eat well during the week, you can enjoy that ice cream over the weekend without guilt. Another big motivator during the summer comes down to our wardrobe. We’re often wearing less clothes than we do during the winter months, and we want to make healthy choices that make us feel good inside and out!

What are some of your fave outdoor summer workouts?

My favourite way to stay active during the summer usually includes a run or walk on the beach. The gorgeous backdrop and beautiful weather inspires me to get my heart pumping. Another fave go-to of mine is ab crunches—it is crop top season, after all!


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