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We’ve Got Your 2023 Outlook In The Cards

January 5, 2023

Meeting your highness—that’s the motto of intuitive tarot reader and coach Daniel Pillai, a.k.a. Queen Dee Tarot. From in-depth readings to guided messages to advice from your angels, Queen Dee’s services are designed to help empower you on a journey of self-love, self-care, and self-discovery so that you can enjoy the plentiful bounty available to you as you choose what roads to walk down in life. Below, a look at what the cards have in store for us in 2023. —Vita Daily

What are you seeing for 2023?

The cards that I’ve pulled for 2023 are The Empress and 3 of Cups. The energy of these cards point toward creation, possibility and collaboration. The Empress is a card that signifies our own ability to forge a path forward and create new opportunities for ourselves. For 2023 this card is calling us to look at our own intuition, prioritize our own needs and desires and also think about all the things that we have that can help create and shape up the opportunities we desire. The 3 of Cups is asking us to really consider high level collaborations as part of our focus for the year. So as much as The Empress has us looking inward toward our own abilities and powers, the 3 of Cups is asking us to look at how we’re honoring that level of self-reflection with the communities we are part of the, the people we communicate and spend our time with and the projects that we take on. There’s that age old saying, “You are the company you keep,” and this card is asking you to honour your growth and intentions by paying attention to what and who you keep around you. Together these cards also tell me that there is much celebration in store for us in 2023. There’s a lot that we’ve accomplished and created in 2022 and the fruits of that labour will pay forward in the new year if we stay committed and focused on our growth.

Are there any big cards that you see for the year that surprise you?

So, I understand “surprises” as “breakthroughs” or possible “challenges” in the new year. What’s interesting is that the cards that came out for this are The Emperor and 3 of Pentacles. The Emperor is the counterpart to The Empress I pulled earlier, and the 3 of Pentacles is a card that once again calls for collaboration, but this time in more of an intimate nature. Having just pulled The Empress, The Emperor now tells me a few things to consider. There is a need or us to let go of control when it comes to tapping into the potential of our creativity but also how we collaborate with people. Maybe we tend to have expectations or approach our partnerships in a very rigid way? It’s important to exercise openness and a willingness to be agile so that we can work with everyone in a way that allows everyone’s strengths and challenges to come to the table. Adapting this open way of work and seeing people might pose a challenge for us at the top of the year. The second message is for intimate connection. Either we’re being asked to be a bit less controlling in our personal relationships or to open up to the viewpoints and perspectives of our partners; how they see us and what their experience is of us. There could be areas that you need to tailor and adjust so that you can work better with your significant others. The third this is a surprise reconciliation with a lover. The Empress and The Emperor together read POWER COUPLE and there could be a past relationship that comes back. This would be an opportunity to better understand what happened in the past, and how you can work with this person to continue fueling forward in bigger and better ways. Something tells me that this “Emperor” type figure might flash a surprise text or phone call to get things going again. With the 3 of Pentacles, I am told that friendship is key. Build a foundation if you’re planning to engage in intimate ways.

What’s a major takeaway for people for the year ahead?

The Devil & 2 of Pentacles. These two cards give an energy of indecision. What’s important for us to know is that an indecisive state is a choice that most don’t recognize. It’s important for us to be cognizant of where we are making choices and where we are actively choosing not to make one. Our lives require us to actively participate to reap the rewards and to overcome the challenges; but any area where we are not participating or refusing to make choices is just resistance. Take the time to reflect and see where you may be resistant to change and making choices and take your time to tackle those areas.


  1. Kris

    January 15th, 2023 at 12:01 pm

    I’m loving this energy! Thank you

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