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How To Deal With Winter Skin

January 6, 2023

This Sunday, January 8, is National Winter Skin Relief Day; did you know the colder months may require some special measures to keep your skin happy and healthy? We chatted with Enhance Arts & Spa co-founders Tila and Linda Huynh to get their top tips for this time of year. —Noa Nichol

This Sunday, January 8, is National Winter Skin Relief Day; how exactly does the season impact our skin, and why?

Tila: What we don’t often realize is that when the seasons change, so should our skincare routines. Just like swapping out your light summer sweater for a warm winter jacket, your skincare should be adjusted to match the corresponding season. In the winter, the cooler temperatures and harsher weather conditions (snow, wind, etc.) can cause our skin to become dry, cracked and inflamed. If you’re someone that already suffers from these issues year-round, then in the winter you’ll definitely want to pay close attention to how your skin is reacting to the season. 

    What are your top three or four tips on how to properly care for our skin as we endure a few more weeks of winter?

    Linda: As Tila mentioned, in the winter our skin is very sensitive to the changing temperatures and weather conditions. For me, here are a few of my favourite tips on prepping the skin for the winter:

    1. Use products with more moisture. I like to swap out my usual moisturizer for a thicker, heavier option during the winter and use a hyaluronic acid. 
    2. Incorporate products that are known to soothe inflammation. The winter weather doesn’t just impact the skin on our faces, it can also bother the rest of our body. I like to use CBD and hemp-infused oils that contain Arnica extract, to help soothe any inflammation. 
    3. Stimulating your skin is also very important to ensure that you get a healthy glow through winter. Booking a facial or body massage, especially Reflexology, does wonders to improve the overall appearance of your skin, and honestly, it just feels really good! 

    We revisit this topic every winter, but can you please explain why, just because the sun isn’t “out” per se, it’s not a reason to stop wearing SPF during the winter?

    Tila: In Vancouver especially, we have a lot of ‘gray days’ where we can’t see or feel the sun. Something I remind clients at Enhance Arts & Spa is to rewrite the narrative that the sun is not as powerful in the winter. UV rays can be strong in the winter even without the hot temperatures that we usually associate with sunburns. If you’re doing an activity outside, the UV rays can still damage your skin, especially when partaking in any kind of winter activities (skiing, snowboarding, hiking), as the sun’s rays are reflected off of the snow. A good rule of thumb is to wear SPF year-round! 

    What are each of your winter skin routines?

    Linda: For me, I really like to use a heavy moisturizer and Hyaluronic Acid as additional layers of moisture protection. I’m also a fan of the signature Hydrafacial Treatment that we offer at Enhance Arts, because during the winter, your skin needs a little extra help to get that all-over-glow. 

    Tila: I’m someone that needs to be rewarded during the winter, because these cold months are hard! My winter skin routine involves booking massages and facials, to stimulate the skin, increase blood flow, and enhance the overall look of my skin. I’m also a big proponent of using CBD oils because of all the natural benefits that they provide.


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