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New Year, New Goals! Start The New Feeling Good Inside & Out With Fitness Expert Kelsey Rose

January 13, 2023

For many, taking on the new year means putting a focus on fitness. We once again chatted with expert Kelsey Rose about core exercises that create a solid base for those getting back into routine or fitness newcomers alike, plus the importance of movement and how to integrate this into our daily lives. She also shared pointers on the correct form needed for some of the simplest—yet essential—exercises. —Noa Nichol

When it comes to health/fitness-related goal setting, can you give some tips / dos and don’ts?

When you’re setting your wellness goals for the year, I recommend following the SMART guide: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. It is OK to dream big BUT we want to make sure we are setting goals that we can begin to create an action plan to achieve right away. I recommend setting 3-4 very specific goals that you believe you can achieve in the next 4-6 months and begin to write out the progressive steps to get there!

Can you suggest some core exercises that create a solid base for those getting back into routine?

My favourite core exercise for all fitness levels is the dead bug because it is a safe and effective way to strengthen and stabilize your core, spine and back muscles. I also recommend performing movements that are done in a supine (on your back) position where your lower back and neck can be supported while focusing on core engagement. Another very underrated way to strengthen your core is by incorporating weight training into your routine because our bodies actually recruit a lot of strength from our core when performing weighted exercises.

What about fitness newcomers? Best advice for starting the year strong?

Be easy on yourself, set realistic goals and start with small daily habits. Don’t go 0 to 100, ease into movement and begin to figure out the different types of exercise that you enjoy. This process can be trial and error, but you’ll begin to lean into the workouts that feel good for your body—everyone is different! Starting to incorporate 10-12K steps daily should also be a priority in the new year.

Why is movement so important, and how can each of us integrate it into our daily lives?

Movement is so important because it makes us mentally, emotionally and physically stronger. It is a release for a lot of people and can improve our overall well-being. Who doesn’t love an endorphin high! Start dedicating minimum 15 minutes daily to an activity that makes you feel good—whether that is going for a walk around the block, putting on a Sweat with Kelsey workout (or your fav fitness platform!) or even just dancing around your living room.

We hear a lot about “form”; what are some top pro pointers when it comes to the correct form needed for some of the simplest—yet essential—exercises?

Some go-to cues for most exercises include keeping a neutral spine, shoulders rolled up-back-and down, chest up and gaze aligned with the spine. More specifically:

  • Squat: feet hip width apart and slightly angled out, shoulders back/chest up, drive knees over the toes, keep weight in the mid to heel of the foot
  • Deadlift: Hinge from the hips, strong upper back to keep the chest up and neutral spine, feet hip width apart
  • Push-up: hands shoulder width apart, drive palms into the ground, pull the belly button to the spine for a neutral pelvis, exhale as you extend back up

What personal health goals have you set this year, and how will you achieve them?

Upping the ante with my daily steps. 10K was the goal for 2022 and now I am increasing that to 12K by breaking up the time spent walking and taking more quick walks when I have breaks throughout the day. I am always consistent with my movement, so lots more of that for the new year! Apart from the training I do on my platform I really also enjoy boxing, so I am hoping to get back into that!


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