A Practical Guide For Heart-Led Businesses In 2023

January 25, 2023

If you’re stepping into 2023 ready to bring your heart-led work forward in a whole new way, you’re not alone. There’s a new paradigm opening up for mission-driven entrepreneurs who no longer want to sacrifice their authenticity or wellbeing for success. I’m right there with you, and have cultivated the belief that when we’re truly aligned, greater success becomes available. What follows is a guide to help you take your heart-led business forward in 2023. 

First, the basics: Create daily practices to help you align with your own inner clarity. Daily practices are the key to not just being, but feeling, aligned. They remind us what matters most. Whether you prefer the energetic boost of daily Kundalini yoga, a morning meditation like this one with Dr. Joe Dispenza, or want to start a breathwork practice, are of these all powerful tools for inner alignment..

If you’re not exactly sure what shape your heart-led work will take, that’s ok. Perhaps explore the intersection of what you truly excel at and what you truly enjoy, along with the inquiry: What do I feel called to offer?

Next, surround yourself with like-minded support. This is, hands down, the best way to set yourself up for greater success. Below are some incredible resources:

explore a 1:1 session. A personal session can be just the ticket to affirm your path, help you to see your blocks and get re-inspired by the possibilities for how you are meant to show up in your work. If you’re drawn to Energy Healing or channelled messages, I recommend Corrina Choe, Guliz Unlu, Jaime Zajak for a guided reading to view your path from the perspective of your soul.

consider ongoing business mentorship. If you’re ready to call in ongoing support, below are four pretty niche offerings designed to help you get your soul’s work off the ground. 

Rei Chou’s Venture Catalyst Program helps soul-preneurs bring their creative work to life with the support of 1:1 coaching, energy healing, and incubation. Nationally based, Rei also makes her network available to those she works with for additional + practical support. Learn more here. 

Angela Prider’s Sacred Life Coaching is designed to guide you into a life centred around your sacred mission. She provides a space of deep healing and listening, weaving together sacred soul counselling, somatic therapy, animistic teachings, and traditional coaching. This is ideal for those who are seeking clarity in what they’re bringing forward. Learn more here.

The Ceremony is a spirit-led approach to website creation. This program is for those who want to get clear on their vision and purpose and bring it to life with a beautifully branded website. Led by Monica Krake and Nicole Carrington, their offer includes 1:1 guided breathwork sessions with coaching, a session with a gifted psychic Intuitive and the creation and launch of a website. It’s spiritual website creation plus soulful business support.

When you want to plug into a network, The 5D Business Collective is an online community for conscious souls stepping into the world of spiritual entrepreneurship. They offer monthly online workshops, a library of business-building resources and a private community to connect with and learn from other members.

Without a doubt, we are evolving as a collective, not only as individuals. To know this is to understand that bringing our purpose forward is as much for others as it is for ourselves. Consider this the permission (and support!) you need to take the next step. –Monica Krake


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