10 Tips For Successful Secondhand Shopping @ Value Village

March 3, 2023

Caught the thrifting bug? We sure have! Here are some tip to finding secondhand success at your local Value Village. —Vita Daily

Check for sales: Value Village often offers sales and discounts, so make sure to check for any ongoing promotions before you start shopping.

Shop on weekdays: Weekends tend to be busier at Value Village, so try to shop during the week when the store is less crowded.

Look for unique items: Value Village receives a wide variety of items, so keep an eye out for unique finds that you may not see elsewhere.

Inspect items carefully: Examine items closely for any damage or wear and tear, especially with electronics and appliances.

Try on clothes and shoes: Since sizes vary, make sure to try on clothing and shoes before you buy them.

Look for brand-name items: Value Village often receives brand-name items at a discounted price, so keep an eye out for these deals.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate: Value Village sometimes allows negotiations on prices, so don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price.

Sign up for the Value Village rewards program: Sign up for the Value Village rewards program to receive discounts, coupons, and updates on sales and promotions.

Donate items: Donating items you no longer need or use can earn you a discount coupon for your next purchase at Value Village.

Have fun and take your time: Shopping at Value Village is a treasure hunt, so take your time and enjoy the experience. Don’t forget to have fun!


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